Trax Fm Mid North Radio and Electronics Group


How to tune in to Port Pirie's newest TV Station, Amateur TV Repeater VK5RDC.

On your TV or set top box select:-

1.       {Menu}

2.       {Channel}

3.       {DVT Manual Search}

4.       Hit {Enter}

5.       Type in {446500} in the Frequency (KHz) Box

6.       Hit {OK}

Note:- Do not do an "auto search" as this will reset all of your channels. If you can only change the channel number and not the Frequency your TV is not compatible with Amateur TV. Many set top boxes will also work. The Amateur TV service is not a 24hr service and may not be operating at the time you are tuning if you don't get a picture try again latter. Service times can be seen on the TRAX FM Mid North Radio and Electronics Group web site.  For technical information you can phone David VK5DMC 0438 027 543