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 If we get enough people interested in studying for there Advanced Licence the club will look into formal course to help in the New Year

There is now 4 Drills To help you study for your Foundation Amateur Licence and 1 for the ADVANCED Amateur Licence check it out on the

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Port Pirie's A.T.V. Repeater Online

The A.T.V. repeater VK5RDC is now online and running.

Thanks to the time effete and money from VK5DMC David.

Thank you David for all your hard


The up-link is on 1275 MHz for analogue and digital.

For the Digital up-link you need to set the transmission to 1275.0 MHz with a symbolrate to 5,000 and the code rate (FEC) to ¾

The repeater can be turned on and off remotely as well as changing the inputs from Analogue to digital using D.T.M.F. tones in the 2 Meter Band.

There is also a Raspberry Pie computer connected to the repeater to turn it on and off if for any reason the D.T.M.F. tones do not work which David can control from his Home Base.

The Down-link for the repeater is on 446.5Mhz in SD digital which most newer t.v.'s and set-top boxes can get, but not all can pick-up however you would need to do a manual scan.

If your set-top box allows you to do a scan by frequency and input the frequency there is a good chance it will pick up the signal from the A.T.V.

The A.T.V. is not running all the time.  

For Activation tones so that you can send a signal up to the A.T.V. please contact VK5DMC David and remember you need a full Amateur Licence to send ATV


Hi everyone from VK5LE

I know its been a long time since I did any updates to this page

However with the A.T.V. coming online I would like to remind everyone that the W.I.A. news is played at 9:00am and 7:00pm Sundays on the 2 Meter repeater on 146.7 MHz and will now be played on the A.T.V. Repeater at the same time on 446.5 Mhz in SD digital

Last Sunday night the 08-06-2014 was the first run of the W.I.A. News being played on VK5RDC and VK5RMN at the same time.



I VK5LE (Lee) was sending a test ATV transmission yesterday Wednesday the 20-03-2013 on 444.25 Mhz using a 2meter/70cm vertical antenna with approximately 1.0 watt  VK5FBHG (Ben) was able to receive this transmission using a vertical antenna connected to his TV The distance between us is about 1.3 Km Pictures will be added later



David VK5DMC has been sending a Digital ATV test signal most week nights after 5.00 pm on 446.500

To receive this  you will need a set top box or Digital TV that that will let you manually tune to 


If you can receive this signal can you please text David and let him Know Thank You 



New time for on-air meetings 

Starting this Wednesday 06/02/2013 we will be having a combind on-air meeting between our Club and the  Whyalla Amateur Radio Club. at 8.00pm on 146.700Mhz

The combind meetings will be on the first Wednesday of each month at 8.00pm

Non Amateurs will still be able to ask questions and make comments on

UHF Channel 26

At our next face to face meeting on Tuesday the 12/02/2013 at 7.00pm we will be discussing  Future on-air meetings with the possiblity of a  separate meeting for club members once a month on 146.700 as well as a meeting once a month on UHF Channel 26

SO if you would like your say on how the on-air meeting will be ran please come along to our next face to face meeting on Tuesday the 12/02/2013 at 7.00pm at 

8 Wandearah Road, Port Pirie. 7pm all welcome.  


Fox  Hunt 


On UHF CB BAND channel 10

476.650 Mhz

 Hi all, our next Fox Hunt is on the 26/01/2013 at Trax FM 8 Wanderah Road Port Pirie. The entry fee is $5.00 for Members and $10:00 for non members the hunt will commence at 1pm

All Money raised will go to maintaining our local I.R.L.P. repeater VK5RMN Node number 6865

There will be a prize for the winner

  kindly donated by VK5MCB thankyou

for More Info Contact VK5FKWE

on 0431-225-074 or use VK5RMN on 146.700Mhz


For all the News from 2012 Download this file  2012News.docx